Danielle Villasana | Photojournalist

In the City of Angels

My less than 24 hours in one  of the world’s most dynamic cities has made me feel like all I want to do is find photographs among its nearly 4,000,000 inhabitants for the rest of my life. While there is a lot I wish I would have photographed, my obsessive desire to “see” the entire city–what was I thinking?–had me most of the time peering from behind a dirt-stained bus window. Despite that, I did, in fact, see a lot, learn a lot and I met some amazing people. Here’s to barely scratching the surface of a city I hope to one day call home.

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5 thoughts on “In the City of Angels

  1. These are great, Danielle! My favorite is the woman in the Huntington meats section.

  2. LA is a bad place for photographers right now. Hardly any work, insulting wages, back stabbing people at every turn, really expensive and everybody has an angle or something they are trying to sell you. LA is the place to come when you are opening a 2nd studio not trying to make it. View it from a far is my recommendation.

    • villasanaphotography on said:

      Nate, thanks for the advice…I most likely wouldn’t end up in LA, but the idea of it does seem romantic. There are good and bad people everywhere and my instincts usually find those who are good. But, you never know, and I’m sure you know what you’re talking about. But, I will keep this in mind for the future. Cheers and thanks for looking!

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