Danielle Villasana | Photojournalist

Transgender Day of Remembrance

As a senior photographer for my university newspaper, The Daily Texan, for about two years, I finally took the plunge last spring and decided to focus on pursuing my own long-term photo projects and stories. I have learned a lot, that’s for sure, being able to build upon everything I learned at The Texan, of course. Through a university grant, this past summer I spent two months documenting the lives of three transgender people after Argentina passed what are considered to be the world’s most progressive set of gender identity laws. Yesterday, it was like I had come full circle when I saw a page beautifully designed in The Texan with my photographs and text, on a day that commemorates those who have been killed because of transphobia.

The people I documented I now consider my close friends and to think of them being physically hurt because of their choice to live happily is something I can’t comprehend. Hopefully, as more laws like Argentina’s pass around the world, more awareness about transgender people will increase and others will understand that just like anybody else, people like Mateo, Micaela and Yessica simply seek happiness.

Here are some links to the original piece and I have included the photos here. Thanks for looking.

Daily Texan PDF issue: http://dailytexanonline.com/pdf/2012/11/20
Daily Texan “Through the Lens” Blog: http://dailytexanonline.com/blogs/through-the-lens/2012/11/20/volver-a-nacer

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